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Atlanta Recycling Company

We strive to add value by understanding each customers and suppliers needs and then offering a customized product or recycling solution to meet that specific need.  We also understand that we are only worth the value we are able to add for our business partners.  Because of this our team is committed to listening and only then offering a quality product or solution.


Anyone can handle your thrift store or charities baled clothing and shoes.  We separate ourselves by offering customized recycling solutions to handle all of your thrift stores recyclable materials from your clothing and shoes, to your paper, metal, plastic and toys.

We want to listen and know you first!  By being a local Georgia based company our associates and consultants are on call to visit, listen and then share our industry best practices and solutions.

We aren’t looking to purchase one trailer/deal and move on!  If we can’t provide you with a long term recycling solution that adds value and stability to your thrift store or charity will let you know.


We provide free Consulting and Advisory Services to all of our suppliers to establish the most efficient logistics solutions.

We have a fleet of box trucks to semi trailers in place to handle any size thrift store or charity.

We are an extension of your warehouse.  By providing permanent storage trailers.

We provide free packaging supplies/ tools to streamline your warehouses operations. 


Atlanta Recycling is a second generation family business with over 40 years of serving our global customers.

We partner with only reliable mills and charities to offer consistant and quality merchandise. 

Our goal is to understand your particular markets needs and offer a long term solution.

We have a dedicated Logistics team capable of handeling all your freight needs so you can focus on your business.

We look forward to partnering with you. 




    Atlanta Recycling Company
    5125 Blalock Industrial BLVD
    Atlanta, GA 30349
    +1 770.997.7720 (phone)
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